Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day of Lessons

Day 19, Mile 2181, Goosenecks of the San Juan River State Park

Mexican Hat, Utah. Didn’t go very far today but made my destination and here I’ll spend the night. Am out of the “John Wayne Monument Valley” but still in the Monument Valley area. The sand has been blowing since Goulding’s and my keyboard feels like it. I got recharged this morning with a good breakfast with Pam and Leo from Maine. Great couple. Hope I can get up their way sometime soon - they live near a cousin of mine.

Had something happen that will teach me. As I was just a couple miles from Gouldings, I glanced down at my brake controller and noticed that I didn’t have a “C” showing for connection. As soon as I could I stopped and sure enough my plug had come out and had been dragging on the road. Luckily, I caught it before much damage had been done. I readjusted a couple of the plugs, checked everything and was back on the road again. I had failed to do a walk-around before leaving Goulding’s.

The Goosenecks are just that. It takes the San Juan River 5 miles of goose necking to go 2 miles. I think the sign said that it has been doing this for about 100 million years - hey long before our time!

My plans from here will be to head toward Bluff UT, then head over to the 4 Corners, from there to Shiprock NM, thru Farmington NM and over to the Chama NM area. I have always wanted to take the Chama NM to Antonito CO narrow gauge railroad ride. It is like the Durango to Silverton train ride, one most people take, but this one is suppose to be more spectacular.

Until next time. Happy Trails to you. Did you come up with a bunch of John Wayne movies, and I should say John Ford, movies made out this way?

PS I didn’t spend the night at the Goosenecks. There was one other trailer person there and he went out onto a mesa walking around. I suspect he was looking for things. Then someone, I think a Navajo -maybe autority, couldn’t tell - went out to confront him and it became a standoff between the two. #1 one would not come in toward his trailer and #2 man just kept hanging around his vehicle blocking #1’s way back to his trailer. Once in a while I could hear voices but not what was being said. I have an idea what was going on, but decided not to stay - gut said leave. I went to Bluff UT for the night.

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