Monday, September 3, 2007

Day 2, 563 Miles

Day 2, Mile 406 At the top of Vail Pass, 10,600 ft above sea level

Whew! The cyclists are unbelievable. They are in all shapes (not quite all shapes), sizes, ages, styles, etc. Opps, did see one hefty gentleman riding uphill near Eagle. Good for him.

It’s been a beautiful day so far. Thunder clouds are starting to form overhead over the mountain tops. There is no wind or even a breeze. I left this morning to a beautiful sun rise, no wind and little traffic on the Interstate. I think the area between Limon and Deer Trail (on I-70) is really beautiful, if you are into wide open spaces - one can see for miles and miles, cattle grazing, cottonwoods lining the banks of the East Bijou River, a cemetery on the hill with a lone tree standing over those interred there, located across from the little town of Agate. Ahh, the quietness of the open country - until a vehicle going 80 mph goes by you on the type of highway surface that makes your tires whine.

I chose to go straight thru Denver on I-70 and then up the Rockies. I did pretty good so far. At least I made it this far. I am hoping to get somewhere between Vail and Grand Junction for the night.

Day 2, Mile 563
GRAND JUNCTION CO. Am here at the RV Ranch at Grand Junction. A very nice park, lots of folks here with those big rigs all chatty and friendly. A lot of them seem to know each other and they just had a potluck supper over at the little “Patio Cafe” just two spaces down from me. They were quiet.

I didn’t have reservations so feel lucky I got a spot - a pull in and back out in the a.m. or a back in and pull out in the a.m. Unfortunately, the nice level concrete pad is not long enough to do either and stay hooked up! Either the back end of the trailer or the front end of the truck would stick out into the roadway. So I backed in at an angle (that was real hard to do mind you since I still haven’t mastered backing that well yet), unhooked the truck and was able to park it next to the trailer enough to get it out of the roadway and about 18” to open my door on Eggcarto. Course backing in put all the hookups on the wrong side, but alas I had planned for occasions like this (really)! The space isn’t quite wide enough to park alongside either.

I said “Oh the (fill in blank with your own descriptive word) I am tired, hot, grumpy and hungry”. I turned on the AC and crawled into bed and slept for 3 hours. I hadn’t really wanted to drive this far and the park I had wanted to stay at right along the Colorado River had RV’s with propane tanks out front of their units and the park wasn’t very well organized. My gut said forget it and drive on.

I just finished supper - a guacamole salad and now finishing off with one of my Rice Krispie treats I made at home.

I tried running my refrigerator on propane today for the first time while traveling to take the load off the batteries, as I had read on the website many travel with the refrig on propane. Well, that was a wasted effort. The wind shield for the flame is loose and hence the pilot light kept blowing out. Then my lighter wand thingy quit on me, so I did a lot of praying that my refrig would stay cold enough to get me to an electrical hookup to run it on. I think everything is okay. We’ll see in the morning how I feel or if I wake up even!

Back to the first part of this posting, if you ain’t into cycling (or skiing) in this State you got to be out of the element (sorry JE, stole your quote to me). There are cycling paths up and down both sides of the mountains, paved for the most part; and look out if you are standing in one of them taking pictures! And once you hit the Colorado River there are rafting trips, albeit calm compared to my experience thru the Grand Canyon, ohhhhhhhh a number of decades ago. Finding a parking spot at the rest areas along the Interstate are hard to come by too.

At Eagle, I pulled into the rest area there and lo and behold there was another Casita. It turned out to be Jane and Ron from Gainesville Florida. They had been vacationing out west and were headed back home to Florida. First Casita I have seen. Oh, did have some one honk at me and wave while I was going through Glenwood Canyon. Either had a Casita themselves or were from Kansas or saw the Pink Ribbon in a window in Eggcarto. I was too busy navigating the turns, watching my speed and trying to catch the sights at the same time to see where they were from.

The sights are beautiful and breathtaking and I did manage to get some pictures and tried to minimize the amount of people in the area. Wasn’t like this decades ago when I was last here. The change from the mountainous rock to the red soils to the almost painted desert effect as you proceed west. I can hear my brother now naming off the types of rock they are - ahhhhh brings back memories of traveling with the family when I was a youngster!

Guess I will be running the AC tonight, it’s hot. Last night at Limon I had to get a blanket out and cover me up it was so chilly. I’ll try and get some photos posted here in a few days. I haven’t really taken that many yet. Am recharging batteries for the camera and my phone is off as I need to recharge it tomorrow - I forgot the AC plug.

Good night.


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  1. Heh, off you go. Have a great trip. I will be reading along with you. we are working on a commercial....our business got a real job...yeah!!!!