Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank Heavens for the Hoe . . . . .

And tomorrow is the day. It’s been a hectic last 10 days getting ready. Saw the cardiologist last Friday morning and he reported my “flutters” are very common - I am just having premature contractions in the atrial and ventricle. Nothing special to do and said go have a good time.

Sarah from Dodge City, came up Saturday morning just to get out of town for awhile. She brought me one of those wind-up flashlights and also brought several things from Sherry, my other friend in Dodge City. Sherry sent up a wind-up combination radio and flashlight and a French Press coffee maker for those days when not plugged into electricity. I can just heat up water on my stove, which reminds me I should pre-grind some coffee beans as the first few mornings I won’t have electricity.

Monday morning I took the truck in to have the tires rotated and have belts, cables etc., checked over. Meanwhile, I was finishing up my last week’s work schedule of 6 days in a row of a 2-11p.m. shift.

Wednesday I just puttered as I was pretty tired. I worked on a grocery list of things I needed and things to leave Juno, did some packing of the trailer and mostly rearranged some things. I didn’t need as many dishes as I had so that left me more room for organizing.

Packed items for chilly nights, including a blanket (that I made no less) to match my color theme! I bought a small ceramic heater to use (when there is electricity), otherwise I will use the heater installed in the trailer.

Thursday was grocery shopping and errand running in Hays. I did some yard work out front and took some pictures of the flowers out front to remind me of what I am leaving behind. Think the worst job I had to do was get all my financial stuff taken care off - bills, reconcile statements and stuff like that. Yuk.

Today, pack the truck and trailer, check all the working stuff on the trailer again and make some Rice Krispie treats to take along! I’ll leave some for Juno. The day getting Eggcarto ready did not go well. At 10:30 a.m. I realized I had an hour or so to wash the outside off before I hit the “no outside watering” rule from 12 noon to 7 p.m. So hurried over there, got the hose out, hooked up my new fancy brush with extended handle, turned on the water and nothing but a shower from the hose end. I am suppose to be able to regulate the flow of water by turning the thing at the end. It wouldn’t open, so took the fancy new brush off and wet down a portion, scrubbed with the brush, rinsed, repeat, repeat.

When I took the spare tire off, the fiberglass had become terribly stained by the dirt that had collected behind the tire. Didn’t have anything on hand to see if it would come off. Decided to carry the spare in the back of the truck. Then as I was cleaning off the top driver side front, I hit the black water vent cap and it came off. Needs replacing anyway as the plastic (or whatever) is pretty brittle - just knew there was a reason why I decided to visit Camping World in Colorado Springs! So it is stuck back on temporarily. I checked the vent cap for the gray water tank and it’s okay for now.

I also wanted to see what was the matter with the microwave in the trailer as I have never been able to get it to do anything while it is hooked up to shore power. The finger pads on the control panel just wouldn’t work. While I was trying to get it out of its extremely tight spot, I pulled the control panel off breaking the little catches that held it on and pulling a couple of wires loose. Now it really doesn’t work. It got stuck on something on the bottom and since I didn’t have a whole lot of room to work with, I decided to take off the cabinet door above it. That was easy and then it made it a whole lot easier to get the microwave out; opps, now the upper shelf is falling down. Since Jim (my ex) was there, we emptied the cabinet and pulled out the microwave.

I thought I cut some boards long enough to fit underneath the shelf to hold it up but they are about 1/2 to 3/4 inch too short, had to jury rig something up so I could reattached the cabinet door and will use the vacant space for more storage. The microwave is sitting in my bedroom and will worry about it later after I come home.

I almost forgot to do my laundry. I do keep extra clothing on board the trailer, but just the idea of dirty clothes sitting for 4-6 weeks in my closet didn’t sound good! Eventually, I would have asked Juno to wash the clothes - probably after she complained of this “smell’ coming out of my closet!

I cleaned up my bedroom so if Juno has company she can use the bed. I stopped at the local library and picked up a couple of books to read by James Patterson.

Tonight I put my Casita Club Directory numbers on the front of Eggcarto so if anyone is coming towards me on the highway and knows about the Club they can look my number up in the Directory and see that it is NomadWoman. Only problem is I started drinking a beer when I started putting up the numbers. The 4 numbers and the “K” for Kansas are pretty straight, but the “S” in “KS” has become my beer “S”.

Got almost everything I bought for the refrigerator put in - and then I got home and saw my jar of ice tea! Opps, a little rearranging to do in the morning.

All that is left to do is load the back of the truck up with my camping gear, have breakfast, say my goodbyes, get gas and then I'll be on the Interstate to Colorado Springs.

Oh ya, the garden hoe. I accidentally discovered how great it is for retrieving things from the front of the bed of the pickup. l don’t have to climb up into the bed to get something up front. It’s also great for shoving things into place.

Good night and sleep tight.

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