Saturday, August 4, 2007

It's August Already!

Wow, a month since I last posted! Either shows you how busy I have been or haven't been.

Actually I have been busy. Am preparing for my next venture which will take me to southern Utah and northern New Mexico. Am meeting up with some folks, who own Casitas too, at Capital Reef National Park in early September. After spending a few days there, it's off to one of the other many Parks in southern Utah - Bryce, Zion, Escalante....... While the group is touring the north rim of the Grand Canyon I may head over to see Glenn Canyon, Natural Bridges, Monument Valley, Mexican Hat and the Goosenecks of the San Juan River, step on the 4 Corners of the states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico and then head over to the mountain area of northern New Mexico before heading south to Socorro to surprise my son for his birthday at the end of September!

Some portions of this trip will include "boon docking" - in my case doing without plugging into an electrical receptacle or hooking the white hose to a water faucet for a constant flow of water, i.e. relying on my own tanks and electricity. I will be learning the "basics". I do have a solar panel to recharge the trailer battery and hope to learn more about that source of recharging from others. The contact with the outside world will be limited and that could be fun (or scary).

Some of my projects have included making a "box", for the refrigerator in Eggcarto, from plastic canvas and craft cord. On my first trip I got tired of pulling small items out to get to something in the back of the refrig, so I made a box that I can put small things in. It covers half of the space and the other half will include my large things - milk and juice containers, etc. I just slide the box out and there is everything organized (I hope). I also put a "railing" around the top shelf with left over canvas, as again, when I needed something it was at the back or when I pulled the shelf out, items fell off. So when I pull the shelf out, items will stay on the shelf (again, I hope).

The replacement windows are in the house. Ten windows were installed and it looks so much better - at least no more rattling from the storm windows when the wind blows. That will be nice this winter as that sound always seemed to make it colder. I got single-hung windows and they are the kind you can open from the inside to clean. And, with the rain guttering up that's enough projects for this year $$$$$.

I have bought some material to make "seasonal" valances for the windows in Eggcarto. Ahhh, cute you say but you refer to Eggcarto as a "he". And I finally drained my water heater on the trailer. Ugh, that should have been done when I got home. Eggcarto still needs a bath and I need to finish putting the clips around the blue rope light on the outside. I discovered a hole in the top of my television antenna, made by a hailstone. Right now good ole duck tape is covering it (haven't used it yet anyway).

Otherwise, doing exciting things like trying to keep up with the lawn mowing and weeds. Normally, this time of the year there isn't much to do since it is normally hot and dry and everything slows down; BUT this year like in other places, we have been unseasonably wet and a bit on the cooler side. Oh, and there is housework and work to fill my time.

Just got an email from a fellow soloist Kathie (met her at the Bluebonnet Rally in Bandera TX this year) and looks like she is planning on joining us for the southern Utah tour. We are going to try and meet up ahead of time somewhere and travel together to Capital Reef together.

An old friend from 30 years ago, whom I had lost touch with 10 or so years ago, found me via the Internet - my kids, etc. Sheryle and I are getting caught up and she doesn't live that far away - out in Colorado. So we will be doing that and eventually seeing each other. Hi Sheryle!

Wore a heart monitor for 2 days, nothing serious or to keep me from doing my thing. The cardiologist wants more information about the heart flutters/quivers I get. I did discover a acupressure point to make them stop - haven't told him yet - and the spot does work. The number of flutter episodes has decreased remarkably as well as the strength of them, in fact I hardly feel them now. The point is your eyelids - gently touch the closed eyelids with one finger from each hand. The first time I tried it, the flutters stopped immediately and the few times I have had them, they have again stopped. You might try it if you have the same thing. I'll find out the results later this month.

Until later.........

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