Monday, August 13, 2007

I Welcome you to my Traveling Boudoir. . . .

So what were you expecting? Maxine?

I have been wanting to personalize my living situation in a manner that would make me feel comfortable and welcome. One of the things I have done is to put some personal pictures around and to select themes for design... I love lighthouses and the southwest. Interesting combination? Yup. To accent the various seasons, I made valances to go over my windows - I have summer, fall and winter so far. Haven't found any material that sets off spring yet.

Here they are up close.

Summer w/leaves & Flowers

Fall w/ fall colors, natch

Winter with red and golden cardinals

My friend sitting at the dinette table holding a family picture. My kids picture is on the table beside her.

That's my brother Fran, at Knott's Berry Farm

Southwest pictures on the cabinet doors and lighthouse magnets on my stove hood

I have a new green rug for the floor as I figure that nights might be a bit chilly and that wood floor could feel a bit cold on my bare feet, especially if I have to get up during the night. . . .

The closer it's getting to depart, the more anxious I am getting. Anxious to leave that is. I will be climbing the Rockies and this will be my first experience going up and down those big mountains with a trailer behind me. Big Red ought to handle Eggcarto and the rest of us easily. From Grand Junction, it will be south on the western side of Colorado to a little town of Naturita, then west over to US 191 and north to Moab, Utah. There I will meet up with my Casita friend Kathie and we will head to Capital Reef National Park to meet up with other fellow Casitians touring southern Utah.

My list of things to do before leaving keeps getting longer instead of shorter. Ho hum, it will all fall into place and then we'll all be off on a new venture in a few weeks. I'll post again shortly before leaving.

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