Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Bed Sheets are in the washer . . . .

and that means it is getting close to departure time. Took Eggcarto to my friendly service repair man and he checked the tires, put a little bit of air in one, and put the new wheel bearing covers on for me. I flushed out the water pipes and put the water heater anode back in. Am here at the house getting some lunch while the sheets wash and dry then take Eggcarto back to his parking spot.

I did practice again backing the trailer up and am not doing too bad at parking it to my right. I have clear tape around my passenger side mirror (backed out of the garage to close to the door frame one night and it serves it purpose right now) and I use that as a guide as to where the rear right yellow clearance light should be in my mirror before I turn the steering wheel the other way. But if I have the opportunity for a pull-thru site, I'll take it!

I work for the next 6 days straight and then I am off until the end of October. I see the cardiologist this coming Friday, a good friend is coming by this Saturday morning to visit before I go to work, truck gets checked out on Monday, then start loading. Daughter Juno is going to have a nice quiet month plus while I am gone. And, she gets to do whatever yard and house work she wants to, for it's her house you see.

I am to be in Moab, Utah sometime Tuesday, Sept 4 where I'll meet up with Kathie, from Ft Worth, and where I have a reservation at an RV park for two nights. Wednesday, I hope to explore the Dead Horse State Park area and go through the Island in the Sky district. Thursday, Kathie and I will head out early morning to Capital Reef National Park where we will meet up with two other folks and start out excursion around southern Utah.

I'll have a short post before I leave . . . . . .

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