Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot - - - BUT

not as bad as other parts of the west. I have friends who live near Boise Idaho and they are sizzling - 105 degrees in Boise on 7/6. They just got back from a trip to Lake Louise and Baniff in Canada. And, the folks in The Valley in Arizona are burning up with 120+ degrees. We are at a cool(er) temperature of 93 and humidity of 28%. Then you go to the other extreme for the folks in southeastern Kansas down into Texas and there over 30 days of rain!

One week of work down and ????? to go. Labor Day weekend is not coming fast enough. I don't like traveling this time of the year - heat, lots of other travelers who need to get away from the humdrum of home while I can do it later, kids without their electronic gadgets or can't be reached on their cell phones because they aren't within range of each other and out of reach of a cell tower!

It was rough getting back into a routine - a different routine. I like working days as it goes pretty fast - seems more like 6 hours of work instead of 8 - compared to working overnights or 3rd shift. I enjoyed the reactions of my fellow workers who kept looking at the light coming thru the skylights and saying "It's still daylight, what are you doing here?" And, daytime management feels more open and friendly towards me than when I encountered them in the late evening or when they had to work overnight! I could understand at the end of their shift but not, also, when they are coming to work in the morning. Please recognize the 3rd shift folks (except Mike the store manager, he does anyway no matter when he sees you.) If you haven't figured it out, I work for The Largest Big-Box company. Honestly, my store's management team has been good to me overall.

I get ye old map atlas out about every week and see where I could head to. So far, I have the southwest, north central states, northern mountain states, Pacific northwest, certain parts of California, the Oregon coast, thru Arkansas, Kentucky & Tennessee. We'll see which direction the winds are blowing from that day I decide to leave.

Until next time. . . . . .

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