Monday, June 11, 2007

Quick trip but fun

As I mentioned in the previous posting, I went over to Salina KS to see the Smoky Hill River Festival. Wow, that is really big. Couldn't get out of the Fine Arts section as there were so many beautiful works and pieces of art. I could have spent thousands, but due to lack of wall space in my little 16 ft trailer, I refrained from making any purchases. I just admired - I know that's not what the exhibitors wanted though.

I asked my ex if he wanted to go along and he did. He doesn't get out much and thought he'd like the short trip over to Salina and see something different besides 4 walls. We enjoyed the music and heard some great area bands. I say heard because we couldn't see the stage from where we were sitting. It apparently is tradition to line up very early in the morning (like 5 a.m.) and wait for the gates to open at 9 a.m. and then run as fast as you can to claim a spot in front of the stage and under
trees. Once you've staked your claim and have your chairs, blanket, and coolers set up you are free to roam around. Nobody will bother your stuff. We witnessed it a
lot. And, the Saturday temp was in the low 90's with a breeze periodically.

One of our favorite sections was the "Car Art". Here are a few pictures.
The Polar Bear Car

The Art Ark

The Chewburu (owned by a dentist, natch)

There were cars covered with bottle caps, corks, a vehicle that can go either way, a space machine and others. All a form of art.

On the way home Sunday, we stopped at the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure (see previous post for link). It is located out in the rolling hills west of Salina, very neat and clean, lots of benches to sit and rest on (important when it's hot and you need some shade for a few minutes).

Have a few pictures:

View looking back towards the Hippo Barns from the tram stopped at the Museum

An Albino Boa. Glad she & he are behind the glass!

I recommend a visit if you are ever near Salina KS.

We stayed at the Salina KOA. Parked next to us was Jon and Denni from Albany CA in their Casita. We had a nice visit and it was fun comparing Casitas, as their's is newer and a different model than mine. Friday night a young couple was on the other side of us. He is with the Coast Guard and is being transferred from Florida to Alaska! (Wonder if he made someone mad to get a transfer like that?) Not too long ago he was followed around by a crew from the Discover show "Risktakers" as he is one of those rescuers that jump out of a helicopter into the ocean. His segment is suppose to be on sometime soon on Discovery HD and sometime next year for the rest of us who don't have HD yet. You meet some of the most interesting people in campgrounds.

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