Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Time to Move Towards Home

Wednesday, May 9th

It;s time to head home. Right now I am not ready to head home - I’ve had such a good time I want the feelings to continue. So now I know 2 weeks on the road isn’t my “time to head home” feeling. But, I have obligations to fulfill. During the month of June I will not be working but plan on devoting the month to doing some repairs and fix ups at my little house. I will work during July and August then have September and most of October off so maybe late September would be a good time to hit the road again somewhere for a few weeks before I need to winterize Eggcarto.

This has been a good shakedown trip. There isn’t a whole lot I would change with the way I initially packed Eggcarto but would work on utilizing the closet and the dresser drawers I made for under the bed for more efficient storage ; so far there are only a couple of items I won’t take again. I definitely won’t change my bed as it is very comfortable. I did not eat as much as I do at home (except at my son’s) and was glad I allowed for that, but it was awkward getting things out of the refrigerator. It seemed that whatever I needed was always in the back, so am going to make some boxes to slide out. And, there will be just a couple more items to purchase. One thing I do need is a couple of compasses - one for the truck and one for Eggcarto. I got turned around in my directions so many times.

Two nights in one place is not long enough for me. I’d set up, not do much the first afternoon or evening, explore the next day, then pack up again and move on after the second night. There are times when it’s nice to have times to just take it easy for a day, so adding at least one more night would have been nice. I am hoping to try just sitting in one spot for a week or two, after the first of the year.

Lack of internet access 24/7 took getting use to, but didn’t have much problem with my cell phone. I have a Trac phone and I learned from locals that if I had had one of the major cell phone company contracts - Alltel, ATT, etc. I would have had less service in the sparsely populated areas. Many of the locals use the prepaid phones like Trac phones. The only time I couldn’t get service was at the campground at Fort Davis, but others couldn’t get service either since we were in a deep canyon.

Well, Tuesday we were going to the El Camino Real International Heritage Center but learned they are closed on Tuesdays. Instead, Jim and I toured the Mineral Museum on campus at Tech. What an array of rocks - beautiful and in some cases unique shapes created by nature. I worked on my pictures that I have so far and put many of them on my Flickr site (see the link). We had some good rains off and on during the day and it was fun running in and out the storms.

For an early Mother’s Day dinner, Jim took me to. . . yes, you guessed it -Socorro Springs and I had my favorite pizza -ElFuego. I took a small handful of M&M’s when we got home, so the chocolate would quiet the fire in my mouth! Dang, that was good. Thank you son for my Mother’s Day meal.

This morning we will visit the Heritage Center, come back to Socorro and have lunch, finish loading up, hitch up Eggcarto and Big Red, I, Eggcarto and Friends will head north towards Santa Fe, Raton and Pueblo.

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