Saturday, May 12, 2007

PS Great Mother's Day News

from daughter. She had a BRAC 1 and BRAC 2 test done for her type of breast cancer. These are genetic tests done to discover any mutations in the gene that carries the cancer she had, which could show it's head again sometime in her life and coming from this gene. Her tests results came in today and are "No mutation detected" in either test. Wow oh wow, whew. She is not 100% out of the woods for the rest of her life, but pretty dang close to it. A heck of a lot closer if she had come back with positive mutation results.

It was just 2 years on Mother's Day ago that she detected a lump in her left breast. In July she started chemo treatments and had a lumpectomy in early November 2005. She continued chemo and added radiation and then went to Herceptin. She finished all treatments in September of 2006. It's been a gradual gaining of her strength and endurance and she's doing great today - the day before Mother's Day 2007.

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