Thursday, May 31, 2007

Oh my, the days of leisure!

This is my third day of being semi-retired. Semi because there will be some times when I will work - covering vacations during the summer and filling in during the holidays.

What have I done so far? Not much. This early evening Juno and I have been dodging severe thunderstorms in our area. In fact, we heard on the local radio station that a funnel cloud had been sighted over our town by trained spotters. Being curious (horrors the wrong thing to do) I looked out the south window and there was a funnel cloud just right over the neighbor's yard south of us! A funnel cloud is one that has not touched ground yet. The funnel cloud hung overhead for a couple of minutes slowly moving to the northeast and then dissipated.

This morning I had a stress test - a followup to a 4-hr one I had a year ago. I apparently had a weakened heart muscle possibly due to a virus at some time; and, this was a followup to see how it was doing with the "therapy" I have been on. Didn't feel like doing anything after it was over, so came home.

I haven't even done anything with Eggcarto! But that will soon end. He has a list of "things I need to do" as well as my "little house" like landscaping efforts, minor repairs, install ceiling fans. These are things I'll spend June on BUT I do plan on taking 4 or 5 days taking Eggcarto somewhere - looking at a place in northwest Nebraska or to Lake Scott State Park in southwestern Kansas.

Oh, my days of leisure!

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