Sunday, May 6, 2007


When in Socorro NM eat at Socorro Springs Restaurant & Brewery, just a couple blocks south of the 150 exit on I-25.

They have wood-fired pizza (and other items also) that is to die for. Try the ElFego pizza which has mozzie cheese, pepperoni and gobs of green chili peppers on their special crust. I first was introduced to them 4 or 5 years ago when they were in downtown Socorro and now they have built this really cool place up closer to the Interstate. It is one of my two favorite places to eat at here in Socorro. I have placed a link to their website in my “Favorite Places to Eat”.

The other place I recommend is El Sombrero on the east side of Exit 150 off I-25. They have been my favorite Mexican food place for many years. They do not have a website so just take my word for it.

Sunday, May 6

I literally blew into Socorro with very strong winds all the way from Columbus. Most of the time it was a side wind but I didn’t have any trouble with fishtailing. Twice I had a tail wind, wow. I was going to stop at the new El Camino Real International Heritage Center but with the late start and wanting to get here in time to see the flamenco dancers, I didn’t stop.

Son Jim and I went down to the plaza and listened to the mariachi bands playing and watched the dancers. I didn’t know flamenco dancing was an interpretive dance, once you have learned the basic steps. There were also 3 young dancers - one Hispanic, one Caucasian, one Asian. I had a brisket sandwich from a relatively new place here and sampled wines from area wineries. An interesting wine I tried (and bought a bottle) is made from honey. You can really taste the honey.

After coming back to son’s home, I watched various reports of the terrible tornado that went through Greensburg KS on Friday, wiping out 90% of the town. Oh my, what a tragedy for them. My heart goes out to them. Greensburg is known for having the World’s Largest Hand Dug Well. The family back at home, emailed me that the worst of the storms have gone east of them, so that is a relief for me. It is that time of the year when the changes in temperature are taking place in that part of the country becoming a breeding ground for tornados.

Socorro has really grown since I was here 3 or 4 years ago. How Jim got here is because he went to NM Institute of Mining & Technology, majoring in Astrophysics. The curriculum at the time focused on mining and technological subjects, creating a very small population and very specialized. Then about 7 or so years ago, the powers-that-be started expanding the majors available to include business and so on. Of course, this resulted in a growing population at the School over the next few years and subsequently it continues to increase. Consequently, the business community responded with expansions and new businesses; and, alas loss of some businesses. But the new and expansions appear to exceed the loss. While attending classes, Jim worked for the VLA (the Very Large Array - remember the movie “Contact” with Jodie Foster?) and then switched over to the VLBA (Very Long Baseline Array). He has been with the NRAO (National Radio Astronomy Observatory, the parent association) fulltime for over 18 years. Here’s a link to their website, if you would like more info or are curious.

We are just going to putter around. Jim is wanting to do something with his little patio so we'll go look to see what is available to work with here in town. He has laundry and exciting stuff like that to do. He doesn't go back to work until later in the week so we will have some time together.

Heard from daughter Juno, that they are escaping the bad weather. But, her dog Nipper is out-of-sorts so to speak and because of his age she is rightfully concerned. I am too because he is a good friend to me too. So all say a little doggie prayer for Nipper.

Probably won't post until it's time to leave on Wednesday. I have to be back to work on Saturday night and would like a couple of days to unpack, clean out Eggcarto and get back into a work mindframe for two more weeks. I am really going to try and work on those pictures over the next several days. I am trying. Have a good week.

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