Friday, May 4, 2007

And so it goes. . . .

Friday, May 4

Just finishing up my coffee and ready to have some breakfast. I look out my window and see blue sky, no signs of clouds, lots of prickly pear cactus, yuccas in bloom or about to bloom, some cottonwood trees, lots of doves, rabbits, lizards and roadrunners. It’s a beautiful morning after an eventful night here at Pancho Villa State Park.

More later. I wanted to finish up my tour of Fort Davis first. Since I don’t have access to what I have already said I may repeat myself. The town of Fort Davis is interesting. If you are into unique and interesting shopping, it is the place for you. There is a lot of restoration going on and there is a lot not. The not gives you a sense of history of this place and stirs the imagination of what it was like during the Fort’s heyday and after it was closed down. There is a strong Hispanic influence in architecture, layout of the town and the friendly feel of the local folks. It is an artisans community too. It’s on my list of places to see and spend more time at. My brother Fran would like this area.

A couple, that was from the Rally pulled in right behind me but I didn’t get a chance to go say hi. I saw several other Casitas in the Park also. Wednesday, night the 2 other couples I had mentioned from TX and LA, and I had dinner together at the Black Bear Lodge. The two men are a riot and their wives are great 2nds. We had a lot of laughs and I noticed the tables around us laughing too at some of the things we were talking about. It was fun. And oh, I took back to the trailer a really delicious piece of lemon meringue pie, so had that with a glass of cold milk before going to bed.

It was really cold Wed night and I was prepared with an extra blanket. Thursday morning we all met at the dump station and said our goodbyes. It was like Dave (TX) said we were parting like the old time westerns where 3 compadries had come together to whip the bad guys and then ride off in different directions at the end.

That pretty much brings you up-to-date on my trip so far, except for last night.

Always check to make sure the caps on bottles and tubes are on tight, especially the shampoo!

Try and arrive at a park before it closes so you know which sites have electricity and which ones may have the electrical boxes but no longer are functioning, especially finding out after you have set up.

Little explanation on that one. I did arrive after the park office had closed so you go find a spot and then register the next morning. There is a Camp Host but they weren’t home at the time, so I drove around looking for one with water and electricity AND some shade. I found one with an electrical box and water faucet. I got set up (which is getting much faster now), got my water hooked up and then noticed a padlock on the electrical box. Humph, I thought, must be a security issue - maybe to keep aliens from hooking up at night to charge up their spaceships and take off in the early morning hours before being caught. Since the Camp Host folks weren’t home, I put my head down for a nap and woke up around 8:30 pm and went over to the Host’s site to see if they could remove the padlock. She told me that my site and the one next to it only comes with water. Grrrrrrrrrr. It was dark and I was too tired to move again and reset up. So that’s what I did this morning. As I just mentioned, the taking down and setting up routine is getting much faster!

Breakfast is done and shower here I come. I have to remind myself that I don’t need to put as much milk on my cereal here as I do at home and that I can eat the whole piece of toast. It is a ritual with my daughter’s dog Nipper, that he gets the left over milk from my cereal and the crust from my toast.

Oh, have to tell you one more story from Fort Davis. Thursday morning I was attempting to get some pictures of the deer around my campsite as they come so close to you. Daphanie, in the campsite next to me said that on Wednesday night she had been sitting in her chair and had a glass of wine in the cup holder. She got up to go get something and when she came back out of her trailer, yup you guessed it - one of the deer was investigating her wine and drank most of it!

Don’t lock yourself out of your trailer! Have extra keys made for the trailer and truck!

While I have the chance am going to get this sent to my blog and then go do some sightseeing. Until tomorrow.

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