Thursday, May 3, 2007

And, it's Thursday, so that must mean road travel

Thursday, May 3

This is really going to be a long posting when i get to do it. I am at Balmorhea State Park right now. There are springs here used for many thousands of years. The Indians used the springs for irrigation purposes and in 1851 the first canals were built by first settlers, the Mexicans. Many years later, the CCC was involved in reconstruction of the pool area, as well as building a motor court and campground. The campground and motor court have been updated and re in current use. Very flat, low desert vegetation and lots of birds - probably singing so much because of the water.

The pool is huge, from 3 to 20 ft deep. The spring produces over 1 million gallons of water an hour! You swim with fish, turtles and whatever is in there. There was someone scuba diving while I walked around.

Right now am sitting about 40 miles east of El Paso at a Texas rest area with wifi. Am taking advantage of this and will send this on to and can add more later for today. I must be a road hazard to all the truckers - their speed limit is 70, vehicles is 80 and I am doing 60. Hey, ain’t in no hurry.

My plans are to continue on I-10 to El Paso, then go one of several ways to Columbus NM for tonight and tomorrow night. If I can find little state roads I’ll head across the bottom of NM; otherwise it;s up to Las Cruces and west to Deming then south to Columbus. The Public Library in Columbus has wifi, so hopefully can send some more out.

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  1. Back in the land of the connected. Although who needs it with all the scenery?

    You're making me jealous, though. Can I retire yet?