Thursday, May 3, 2007

Am prepared for rain!

Monday, April 30th

Windows are closed tonight. I just stepped out to make sure everything is locked up and there are clouds. I am not taking any chances tonight on getting a wet bed!

Today I drove over to Langtry to visit the Tx Information Center located there. First I want to say that I was very impressed with the staff and facilities. Very neat, clean, informative and up-to-date. I was able to get my blog updated but that was it. i did get some emails in but was unable to get any out, so please forgive me if you haven’t received your response yet.

I toured Judge Roy Bean’s original saloon, walked through the botanical garden and loved all the flowering cactus and related plants. i drove around Langtry and read all the historical markers. On the way back to the trailer I stopped and looked at Bison Jump. This is where the natives would run the buffalo over the edge of a cliff and then harvest the meat and hides. They did not have horses at that time and this is how they would furnish their families food and clothing for the winters.

I stopped and looked at the high walls the Pecos River has carved through the thousands of years as it merges with the Rio Grande River. The last 60 miles of the River are through high cliff areas. The rains of last night had not made it down to the mouth of the Pecos yet but there was a mighty lot of water already. I could see the Rio Grande about a half mile to the south of where I was. Many times along the way, there was the Border Patrol stopping and looking through binoculars towards the rivers. It appears to be a constant vigil they keep.

No lessons learned today, except if you want to count the misstep I just did getting in the trailer and hitting my shin. It smarts. I did learn a little something about Texas history so that makes up for the misstep. Did you know that Texas is the only State that can fly its State flag at the same height as the US flag?

Off to the Fort Davis Mountain area. I did download pictures to my computer and did some editing on them. Hopefully, I will have better luck the next several days at getting some pictures set up, either on the site or as sets on my site.

Good night.

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