Thursday, April 26, 2007

Whew! Finally got out of Ellis

Was beginning to wonder if I was going to get on the road. I stopped by the trailer, on the way home from work in the morning, to do some last minute packing (think I got more done in that 20 minutes than in 7 days) and securing of items. Went home and put my head down for 4 hours of good sleep. "We" all finally left Ellis around 1:30 p.m. (being that late wasn't on my schedule), stopped in Hays to say good by to daughter Juno. On the way over I remembered Jim and I hadn't checked the operation of the lights on the trailer before I left. So, with Juno's help, we checked and lo and behold nothing worked! Yikes, I drove all the way over with no brake or signal lights. Well, finally got that taken care of and got out of Hays around 2:30 (sill even further behind now).

I was hoping to make it to Vernon TX the first night but with the late start, there was no way I could with only 4 hours of sleep. I made it to Weatherford OK and slept in a WAL-MART parking lot! The trip the first day, thank heavens, was uneventful. It had been quite a few years since I had traveled in the southern part of the State and when I hit a certain part of the highway, I remembered an episode I had with a steer. I was on my way down to Phoenix (take one of many routes) and I was absolutely bored. I spied a steer in the pasture next to the highway and picked up my CB mike and said into the mike: "Hello, Mr steer, how are you?" And, he responded back in a low voice,"I am fine and where are you headed?" So I explained to him where and why and we carried on the conversation for a few more minutes before I was out of range. No fooling, a talking steer and using a CB to boot (sorry for the pun).

Wednesday morn up bright and early and on the road after a good night's sleep despite the 4-wheel ATV's running some kind of course behind me. There were so many places I wanted to stop and investigate - small little towns, buildings, history markers; but Bandera was still a long ways away. I've made a "go back and see" book for those things. At around 1 p.m. I had to stop and take a nap. Found a very nice rest area, parked under a tree and slept for an hour. That got me into Bandera. I missed the "cook your own steak" at the 11 St Cowboy Bar and the Patsy Kline show but enjoyed just visiting. A very nice gentleman, Lowell, helped me set up and get things functioning, especially the trailer battery. I had inadvertenly let it run down during the drive down (didn't have the right switches on and now I know). On top of that, my door latch wouldn't work so had to "lock" the door with a bungee cord! I have a baseball bat under my bed, just in case.

I finally have my hot water heater fixed thanks to a fellow named Lindy from Arkansas. He fixed the lock on my door, but I still have to do just a bit more as he suggested. Lindy is guru of Casita fix-its. I met some other single ladies and we spent about 4 or 5 hours looking at others Casitas and getting ideas for things we might do. The ladies are all from Texas. After getting too much sun from the outing, I retired to take a nap and slept past dinner, so fixed myself a nice cool salad and having a beer. I also have the TV hooked up but need a cable cord from my trailer to the RV park's cable hookup.

Tonight games are planned for the group and tomorrow there is a poker run or sightseeing trips. I was fascinated by Fredericksburg as I drove through and downtown Bandera is really neat with all the "cowboy" places of business (they sure do like the saloons and BBQ places here). There is wine tasting and line dancing tomorrow night on the agenda. Saturday we have sessions to address issues one faces while traveling, ending with a cookout Sat night and a "see you next year" on Sunday. The organizers (Brad & Bev from Santa Fe) have done a great job.

I am trying to post some pictures so bear with me if they don't show up.

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