Monday, April 23, 2007

Not a Good day!!!!

I was extremely tired when I got home from work this morning and my intention was to sleep a few hours and then get started on those last minute projects you really can't do until the day before departure. Opps, slept much longer than planned and had to scrub some plans.

I flushed Eggcarto's plumbing again and then took him out to practice backing. Still didn't have much luck but it was better than the other day. I have to find the "right moment" (thanks JE) to straighten out the truck. The refrigerator was (repeat was) cooled down to a nice 33 degrees. I say was because I stopped by and checked the temperature just a little while ago and it wasn't working and the temperature was up to 67 degrees. Not a good temp to keep milk, etc in! I reset everything and will see how it looks in the morning. I am loading up extra ice chests anyway and my plan now is to use them.

I work tonight; and I must say, it doesn't look very nice outside. Rather dark and gray and slight sprinkling. Might be my first introduction to hooking up in the rain. Cheerio until next posting, somewhere on the road.

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  1. Tomorrow's the day! Good luck and have fun! -son