Friday, April 13, 2007

Moosey & Friends

Moosey & Friends
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Here are my traveling companions (except the real dog): Moosey (obvious), Traveler (he's a little lamb) is sitting in front of Moosey and Pink Sheep is the one with the Number 3 on his side (he's a Breast Cancer Sheep from Serta). The real live dog is Nipper, he belongs to daughter Juno. If you look hard you will see two yellow circles to the left of Nipper's nose - that is his friend Squeaky Octopus.

Moosey had an accident, shortly after I put him in the trailer. The day before I went to Dodge City to get Eggcarto checked out, I moved the trailer over in front of the house. I had forgotten Moosey was sitting on the table and discovered him on the floor upon going inside later that same day, His horns had broken off in two pieces. Well. . . . you can see he is okay now. I won't do that again!

The darn rain, snow and cold windy weather is keeping me from finishing the waxing on the outside. I still have about 5 hours of waxing to go, I have rust from the metal areas to remove and repaint; the pop-riveting project, stocking food and personal items to go. i worked on configuring the coverlet to fit the bed and finished the window valances yesterday. The inside pictures will come next week.

Since today is lousy outside, am doing housework and baking cookies.


  1. Be safe ... Be adventurous ... Leave your mark in this new segment of your life. JE

  2. I was a bit concerned when I saw the yellow things.....thought someone was having bowel difficulty. Sounds like you are having a ball. Good for you.
    rock on, sistah.