Monday, April 30, 2007

LESSONS LEARNED . . . . Already

Sunday night, 4/29/07
It’s almost 6 p.m. and I am sitting here waiting for my spaghetti to finish cooking (my first full meal I have made inside!) and thought since I had so much trouble getting a consistent link back in Bandera - I am not going to have any good links for awhile; and, I am losing my thoughts of what is going on around me and with me, I need to record what I see, where I am and what thoughts are going through my head somewhere. So these notes are being installed in a word processing file for later transfer over to my blog.

Tonight I am in Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site, just west of Comstock TX. We are under a tornado warning for several more hours. I hear thunder coming from the southwest, so rain may be on our agenda for the night. There is a restroom building very close and the Park Host said we are to go there if it gets bad. Hey, I am from Kansas! One can see Mexico from here - just a mere 3 miles to the south. We can barely make out the Rio Grande River.

In fact, the Park Hosts I just met are from Hays. Their name is Flanders and her maiden name is McDonald, Peggy. I was told the average rainfall for the year in this area is 14 inches - they are already at 30 inches. It is an arid area, with lots of prickly pear cactus in bloom along with lots of other wildflowers. One of my favorite flowers, the lantanna, grows wild here.

There are 3 other Casitas here at the Park; and, like myself will be going over to Big Bend National Park next. (Yummy, am eating this wonderful Mexican bread I got in Hondo - it’s sweet with a creamy spread on it.) I may leave tomorrow or wait until Tuesday to leave. It takes quite a bit to set up and take down.

Anyway, I left Bandera around 10 a.m. and headed down TX 173 (for those trying to follow my route) to US 90 at Hondo. Then I just headed west to here. When I have the chance I will attempt (thunderstorm is now overhead) to map out the routes I have taken for those who want to follow along.

The Casita Rally was great. I learned some new things and was pleasantly pleased that what I had learned ahead of time helped me out. I met some good people, especially Betty, Carole, and Kathie - single ladies like myself. Betty is my mentor - she is going to be 77 next month and has logged over 22,000 miles in the last 3 years with her Casita by herself. Carole is 57 and has been traveling several years since she lost her husband to cancer; Kathie, is 70 this year and has traveled quite a bit also with her two dogs.

LESSON 3. . . . .
Beware of the water. Need I say more?
LESSON 4. . . . .
Make sure the sewer line hose is firmly secured into the dump hole!
LESSON 5. . . . .
Definitely don’t mess with Texas. They do love their State and do they ever love their flag. I bet the sale of Texas flags far exceeds any other state, for as many I see.
LESSON 6. . . . .
Calm down, the internet is not available everywhere. I was just told when I get to Langtry to go to the TDOT office (TX Dept. of Transportation) and use their wifi to update my blog and check e-mails.
LESSON 7. . . . .
This is fun, fun, fun. I just met some folks from Canada and they were petrified about the tornado warning, so the Park Host and I pointed out the wall cloud and see that funnel shaped thing hanging down? No not really, but when we told him it was breaking up and moving more northward, he was somewhat relieved

The Bandera area is really beautiful this time of year. It is very green (and humid). The wildflowers are all over. The Bluebonnets are past their prime, we were told, but they are still pretty. I walked down to the Medina River several times; and, oh my, it’s clear. You can see the pebbles at the bottom; but I guess it can get to be a pretty nasty river when flooding hits.

Kathie and I drove up to Kerrville to get a few things from Wal-Mart. I know, I know but Bandera is a old-timey cowboy town with saloons and BBQ places, some gas stations and a grocery store. On the way up we saw a family of baby turkey vultures on the side of the road waiting for food, we assumed. Two-one/half hours later when we went back to Bandera, they were in the same spot. I mention the turkey vultures because in the little town where I live, the turkey vultures show up in the spring and depart in October. Daughter and I just love to watch them when they are soaring - they are so good at it.

Back to the trip. There are deer hunting ranches all over this part of the country. You can tell them by the very high wire fences along side the highway, instead of the usual barb wire fences. And, Texans love to make huge and ornate entrances to their ranches. I wish I had taken some pictures of them.

We had plenty of company in Bandera while there because a motorcycle rally was going on called Thunder in the Hills. When we were on our poker run and found this lovely place to take a picture, one of the nice gentlemen took the four of us together with a beautiful backdrop behind us. While we were on the poker run I deciphered a message in our instructions which read: “Stop and eat ice cream at Rio Frio” and “Have Mexican food at Mama Chivalo’s in Leakey”. Funny no one else deciphered those messages. Didn’t win us any prizes but we had fun.

My route from Hays took me down US 183 to Albany TX, from there it was on US 283 until US 87 to Fredericksburg TX (really neat town I want to go back and investigate - German heritage area)l; from Fredericksburg on US 87 to TX RM 473, then TX 27 to FM 480, TX-173 to TX-16 into Bandera.

That’s all for tonight. I should go take a walk - said should. but a shower and sleep sounds better. Good night.

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