Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Flunked Backing 101

Grrrrrrrr.... I tried to learn backing Eggcarto today. I got the turning the steering wheel the opposite way I wanted the trailer to go and got him backed into the imaginary parking spot; but, what comes next? The truck is at an angle and if I tried to straighten the truck out to back straight. . . the trailer kept turning. I just can't pick up the front end of the truck and straighten it out! It was frustrating and then became embarrassing. I became the "spectacle" of the hour by some of the locals - word must have gotten out that someone is driving around the local fairgrounds with a trailer, let's go watch. I would ask each one that came by to watch if they knew how to back a single axle trailer - nope. Oh well, I bet by the time I get home from my trip I'll have a better hang of it.

Am slowly getting ready. There is still about a couple more hours of waxing to do; I checked out the sewer hose today and found a leak - not exactly a thing you want to leak on you at a time of need. I started to remove the RV antifreeze from the plumbing system and couldn't find my water heater anode. Now where did I put that???? How does one lose an anode? I hope to spend a night in Eggcarto before I leave Tuesday - probably the night it's forecast to rain, my luck.

In between sleeping, working, housework, getting Eggcarto ready, there has been yard work to do. The snow/rain we had on Friday the 13th tried to discourage the garden plants, but they stood their ground and have given us a lot of pleasure so far.

Time for dinner. I will post before I leave Tuesday (the 24th) and as soon as I can again that night or the next day.


  1. Hopefully you'll be able to find people who can help you with the backing up problem at the Casita rally! -son

  2. This is something that you will pick up rapidly. Remember, initially turn the steering wheel the opposite direction you want the trailer to go and once it starts going that direction then you turn the steering wheel in that direction. And heck, if all else fails pull INTO the parking spot. JE