Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Getting Ready

Today is a good day to start my blog - chilly and rainy; and also a good day to learn another new thing - blogging! I plan on using this space to keep my travel logs with Big Red (truck), Eggcarto (travel trailer), Moosey (will see later), Traveler (will see him later too) and Pink Sheep (and him later too).

As my family and friends know, I retire from full-time work at the end of May. I bought a little 16 foot travel trailer called a Casita from some folks in Missouri last September and promptly named "him". During the winter months, I started learning about electricity, plumbing, gray & black water, volts, amps, DC & AC, propane and so on. When the weather started turning nice, I really started to learn hands on (though haven't gotten to the gray/black water yet!). I took Eggcarto to Dodge City to get a good check-up and all systems are go. I also had an opportunity to show him off to my friends Sarah and Sherry.

He's had his tires, brakes and bearings checked. Weather permitting, he's getting a waxing (he's made of fiberglass), new rivet covers, and I get to do my first pop-rivet on him. I am going to learn "how to rivet" first on some practice material before I try it on Eggcarto. I am making window valances, modifying the sheets and coverlet to fit the bed. Next week he gets "sanitized" - the winter antifreeze removed from the plumbing. He's getting stocked with food, utensils, personal items. I only have a refrigerator so have to think about what I really want to take that's cold. And, storage space is limited, so that is a challenge I am having fun with. Folks who own these small trailers, suggest start out with as little as possible and add as you go along.

Leaning has been exciting to me. Not only am I learning about trailering, I bought a digital camera last December and am learning about it and being able to post my pictures here so you can see what and where I am or have been.

My first Maiden Voyage will be to a Casita Rally in Bandera, Texas April 25th through the 29th. There are 140 registrations, so lots of Casitas and lots of ideas to pick up on and new people to meet. From there I plan on wandering my way over to the Big Bend area as I have never seen that area; from there to southern New Mexico, up to Socorro NM to see my son Jim and spend a few days with him and then home through southern Colorado. I don't have any definte plans after that for now, but as in my web address: following the winds.


  1. Sounds like you're having fun, looking forward to you stopping by in a few weeks! -son

  2. How exciting! Another milestone in your life! Very best wishes for smooth roads and dustless days in NM.