Monday, April 30, 2007


LESSON 8. . . . .
One can take a nice hot shower and wash their hair on less than 6 gallons of hot water!

LESSON 9. . . . .
It’s okay to change one’s mind when traveling. I am going to stay another night here at Seminole; and, instead of going to Big Bend Nat’l Park as planned I am going to Davis Mtn State Park and spend a night or two, then onto Poncho Villa State Park in New Mexico. I don’t think one can justifiable do Big Bend in a couple of days so I am going to save that area for another time when I can spend more time.

When in southern Texas during monsoon season, be sure and close the windows before going to bed! Otherwise, one has bedding to dry out

What a night. It started pouring at 1:10 a.m. (or at least that’s when I was awakened by rain and thunder) and I couldn’t get the windows closed fast enough to keep the rain from coming in. Consequently, the coverlet, sheets, mattress pad and padding at the foot of my bed got wet. The heavy rain finally quit around 5:30 a.m. and I am running the heater to have some warmth and help dry out my sheets and coverlet, etc. Hopefully, I can dry out my bedding in time for tonight. It’s starting to get light and it’s still pretty cloudy out. The Camp Host just said they had 70 mph winds over in Del Rio and there is a lot of flash flooding east of Del Rio. Glad I was here, we only had 4 inches of downpour.

Later in the day: I am here at the Tx Visitor information Center at Langtry and will be going through Judge Roy Bean’s buildings and learning some more history of the area. This is a really beautiful facility and very neatly arranged. It looks fairly new. Will upate you the next chance I get - where ever that may be. I will try and get some pictures posted before I leave the Visitor Center.


  1. How the _ _ _ _ does this work?!?!? I had a wonderfully, uplifiting comment about your adventure into retirement and it "threw it out"...what am I doing wrong? Sherry

  2. I think I have this "comments thing" figured out. What a wonderful adventure you are on (love your commentary)...and what with your increased "learning curve" can keep senility at bay while having the adventure of a lifetime. Hugs, Sherry

  3. "Adventures" sounds about right, Mom! Glad you're having fun, and keep posting. It's kinda fun to "follow along."

  4. Howdy Partner.....thought I better talk Texan to ya.