Saturday, April 21, 2007

Are We Ready?

HELP, it feels like I am not going to make it. Waxing has gone by the wayside, still don't have the rivet job done (here I come Bandera with a list of things I need help with), but my hanging clothes are in the closet and odds and ends are finding homes in the cupboards. I have the refrigerator on and it has started cooling down faster than I expected. I won't put food items in until Monday night. Moosey has his spot staked out on the bed and he is secured with a purple (for K-State naturally) cord.

Just got back (again) from the local grocery store with more things for the cupboards. Thursday night at the rally is potluck and so am working on making sweet & sour meatballs to take. The reason why I am making them ahead of time is because there are around 280 people (that breaks down to about 150 other little "eggs" there) and I am going to make enough for whatever I can, freeze them at home and put them in that ice chest I said I was taking, and heat them up Thursday.

It did rain early this morning, but not as much as predicted. And, the rodeo didn't get rained on. Tomorrow I should finish packing my personal things, batten everything down, do one more flush of the plumbing system, and then take Eggcarto out on a shake-down run (through the local fairgrounds should do it) and re-secure what ever came loose. More rain is in the forecast, so it could be interesting. I have some pictures but will wait unti later to post them. Right now it's time to fix supper and hit the sack for a couple of hours before going to work tonight.

I ended coming home from work at 3 a.m. not feeling very good. Have no idea what it could have been. Since I slept late I got a late start on today's activities. I did give the back yard lawn (and some henbit too) its well deserved butch haircut. Now, NOAA is predicting 100% chance of rain late this afternoon and tonight. That's sure going to make the Ft Hays University's rodeo performance tonight interesting.

No waxing, but did get up the carbon monoxide detector up and flushed the plumbing of its "bleach" water. Will do another flushing tomorrow or Monday. I still need to put a rivet in the one place outside before I leave, but I haven't practiced yet. Tomorrow I turn the refrigerator on to start cooling it down. Hopefully, it will be cool enough Monday night to load up with those items. I do not have a freezer so am living life without one! I am taking my cooler filled with ice just in case I don't know what I am doing!

I did manage to get some more work done on the trailer. No, didn't get any waxing done, but did get the plumbing system flushed of the RV antifreeze - all except the water heater. I still can't get the plug out as I need a 1-1/16" socket to remove it. Am hoping at the rally someone will help me. Oh, I did find the water heater anode I had misplaced. Actually, I didn't misplace it as it had fallen down under a cushion on an overstuffed chair. I did put my bed together and it looked so inviting to try out - I did just that for 90 minutes!

Did get one bit of a scare when I opened the trailer up today - whew what is that odor - it smelled like buring rubber or wires and; of course, I immediately thought I had burned wires on my hand. Oh heavens not just a few days before leaving. It turned out to be the new sewer hose I had left inside overnight. Boy, do those things stink when they are new.

Tomorrow the plumbing system will be flushed of the bleach water in the system - maybe a little waxing. And, since the back yard is gracing us with its glorious green color it will get shorn of it's lovely tops into a butch.

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