Monday, August 6, 2018

A New Posting Will Be Coming - Soon

Can't believe it is almost a year since the last posting. And it has been a "busy" year. I am getting ready to write a new one, just gotta get my thoughts in order. Give me a week. Oh, I did update my picture - taken last January 2018.

I am going to use this again:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Life Seems to Go On - Despite. . .

Brief update on Sister-In-Law: She has had two surgeries in her brain to remove the one tumor - first one removed 80% and 2nd one removed remaining 20%. She has had her ups and downs but most of them are ups; and has a long road ahead.  There is still no response on her left side and she was just removed from intensive ICU into a "step-down" room that is less intensive. She keeps her eyes open while my brother and their kids & grand kids are visiting and squeezes their hands in response to comments or questions. She can't really talk as she has a trach in her throat so she can breath on her own. My brother said she had a lopsided smile the other day. The next move, could be a move to an acute care long-term hospital for recovery before she is started on radiation/chemo. The normal prognosis for this type of brain cancer is maybe a year maximum, as there will be some cancer cells in her brain that the radiation and chemo will not kill. My SIL is a trooper and there could be some help developed within the year - the Zika virus is being experimented with right now in hopes that it will kill off the cancer cells in the brain of a human.

When Hurricane Harvey was heading to Texas, we worried about Jim's sister-in-law and nephew, who live east of San Antonio. They received maybe a total of 4" so were spared. Now we are worrying about Jim's niece in Florida with Hurricane Irma and she lives on the east coast of Florida; plus our friends who live in Eastpoint Fl in the panhandle area. He was put in the hospital a couple of days ago with pneumonia and just got out today but is in no shape to hitch up their 5th wheel trailer they live in and doc's orders are no driving. She is not able to do it because of physical limitations so fortunately some friends of theirs in Georgia will house them, if necessary.  They will have to leave the 5th wheel and truck behind. They live just 150 ft from the Gulf waters. Then what is Hurricane Jose going to do? We have friends up in the NW surrounded by the forest fires. So far none have been forced to leave but the smoke. . . . I don't know - all this worrying about my friends is not easy to take.

Otherwise, our family is doing fine.  Be glad when the Fall weather is here as have projects outside to get done and I find it more difficult each year to be outside when it is hot.  Am preparing the floor of our metal storage shed to keep the ground squirrels from making a mess between our yard and the neighbors; preparing two bird feeding areas; trimming my cactus hedge; getting the alley plants ready for winter; fix "bee water" for the bees to keep them away from the hummingbird feeders (works most of the time); continue watering the shrubs and plants for awhile longer; and starting to clean up falling leaves from the mulberry tree. Got lots to do inside when it is hot outside.

Hope all is going well with those that still read.  Before long Winter will be upon us and we will be wishing for Spring.

Friday, July 28, 2017

News One Doesn't Like To Hear

Jim's middle brother Ken passed away on the 19th. He had been in failing health but it is still sudden when you get a call. Jim lost his youngest brother Scott 4 years ago.

Then my sister-in-law Jan had an MRI last Monday and the results were given to the family today - Stage 3 brain cancer. My brother had mention a few times how her mannerisms and speech were unlike her usual self.

There will be options and Jan says she plans on living a long life so that says what her decision will probably be - to go through surgery, radiation and chemo. My heart, soul and wish my body was with them right now. They have a tough road ahead, my sister-in-law is a tough cookie and my brother is going to have to work hard to keep up with her.

I go to see my oncologist in a few weeks and will learn how my cancer count is doing. It has been almost a year since I had one and this last year for Jim and I have been rough. I learned a few months back, that my pacemaker has been working 3 times as much as it has for the last 5 years; and like the tech said, if I hadn't had my pacemaker. . . . .

Jim is dong pretty good with his prostate cancer. He didn't need his hormone injection at his last visit, so we hope that keeps up for awhile. We know he'll need to take it again down the road more times but the break is a relief right now.

And it's Hot, but monsoonal rains give us breaks, which is nice - and the storm clouds and sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful.  Fun watching all the birds and baby Gambel Quail come to the yard, and the bunny rabbits, guess I have visits at night from skunks and raccoons. That's it.